Sun-Up Communications develops marketing insights through a deep understanding of the networked society. Today’s accelerating and dynamic markets call for new perspectives on the notion of demand and supply. Perspectives with a divergent scope on how markets behave and expand, and most importantly: how they relate. The fact that society emerges ever more as an entangled social network invokes rapid market changes and the constant need for cost reduction, efficiency and integration. This urges strategies that are proactive, but flexible. Strategies that require focus on the relation between your company and its customers. Sun-Up Communications provides the interface inbetween.



We rethink your business by starting with an active network research, working on-site to create a renewed understanding of your market. Through the integration of your virtual and actual networks at the core, we create communication concepts and develop these into dynamic marketing tools — with our vast network of creative craftsman and professional communicators — for targeted PR, online video content, network identity and communication design. These tools will facilitate you in steering the relation of your business with your customers and making their network work for you.


We deliver


  • Perspectives on the future
  • Online network scans
  • Customer interest research

  • Core structure
  • Channel integration
  • Market trend insights

  • Social media & website
  • Content & copy-writing
  • Video, animation & Sting PR